Trump not “digging up dirt”

Jim Geiger, Minot

I would like to comment on the article on December 7-8 written by Tammy Caldwell of Minot. I am always amazed at the amount of misinformation there is floating around our world today.

President Trump was not “digging up dirt” about a potential political opponent. He was trying to find out why a 49-year-old man with no experience in gas or oil could be receiving huge amounts of money from the Ukraine.

Was it possible because his last name was Biden? Hunter Biden has admitted as much on television.

I would also like to know what the Do Nothing Democrats have accomplished in the past three years. I am enclosing a partial list of what President Trump’s administration has done in the past three-and-a-half years even with no help from the Democratic Party:

Seven million new jobs were created even though President Obama proclaimed that the jobs were gone forever. Lowest unemployment EVER from African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans. The military has been rebuilt, and the VA has also been improved so that our great veterans don’t wait months for appointments. More than 150 federal judges have been appointed and of course two Supreme Court Justices. President Trump has implemented historic tax cuts and for the first time since 1947 we have a new military branch – The Space Force. ISIS has been defeated. The trade deal (NAFTA) has been replaced with USMCA which is an improvement for the United States. He has completed phase one of a trade deal with China and a massive new deal with Japan and South Korea. We have withdrawn from the terrible Iran nuclear deal and have opened the new American Embassy in Jerusalem. There has been a colossal reduction of illegal border crossing. And, as promised, the border wall is being built. The GDP is three percent under the Trump administration as opposed to one percent with Obama. Third trimester abortion and after birth abortion are no longer legal. Because of all the above and many other obvious reasons, it might be time for the Democrats to choose country over party and give up on the previously fake impeachment.

It would be great if President Trump was the first president in US history to be impeached and re-elected as president again! The polls show that he will!


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