Needs or wants

Dean Somerville, Minot

This topic covers many issues when it comes to spending money, in this case, the taxpayer’s money. I am addressing a new City Hall.

The City now operates with about 15,000 sq. ft. that includes the council chambers. The City now determines it needs 44,700 sq. ft. immediately and 54,000 sq. ft. is needed for the 50 year life of a City Hall.

This is three times the size of the present City hall.

When our new form of government took place in June of 2016 our City budget was $125,723,101. Four budgets later it is now $274,000,000. I understand we have flood control to address, which is a priority but maybe it is time to control some of our other spending such as needs rather than wants. The City needs to understand the schools, parks and county also have needs.

I believe the large increase in taxes the City has adopted in the last four years has decreased any public support for new taxes such as addressing our education needs.