Hoeven and Cramer will acquit

Steve Moen, Minot

Welcome to 2020; the year Trump gets elected by a landslide and the Democrats lose the House.

Things are good, the stock market is roaring, unemployment is at historic lows; there are more jobs than people to fill them, new trade deals are being done, the #1 terrorist in the world is at room temperature, more conservative, constitutionalist, Christian judges have been appointed to federal benches, more than any other president has appointed plus two great ones to the Supreme Court. See www.promiseskept.com for more.

All this with no help from the Democrats and in spite of an illegal coup attempt to unseat a duly elected president thinly disguised as an impeachment attempt. Funny thing, though, a lot of Democrats have been exposed as corrupt frauds during this but no dirt has come out on Trump. Joe Biden actually interfered with Ukrainian justice when he withheld aid to them until they fired the prosecutor that was investigating the corrupt company that had hired his son Hunter even though he was unqualified for the job, now we find out that Pelosi’s son was hired by another corrupt Ukrainian company the same way Hunter was.

Robert Powell, husband of Debbie Macarel Powell (D-Florida-26) took $700,000 from a Ukrainian oligarch. She sits with Adam Schiff on the House Judicial Committee that drafted the impeachment articles against Trump for his alleged abuse of power regarding Ukraine.

Amazing how this all turns out. Now Clapper, Comey, Brennan and many others will soon be facing criminal charges concerning spying of American citizens, lying to a FISA judge and many other criminal acts that occurred trying to keep Trump from being elected so he could drain the swamp and expose all the corruption they are guilty of and to think it all started when Hillary bought and paid for the made up Steele dossier which the FBI used to get permission to spy on Trump and others.

Then to top it off Pelosi is unconstitutionally withholding the coup articles from the Senate, as she knows they’re not credible and wants the Senate to continue the coup attempt by further investigating the hoax. That’s not the Senate’s job, they are to see if the articles stand up to scrutiny (the articles won’t) and see what the accused has to say in his defense and then vote. This will even expose more corrupt Democrats and they know it, that’s why Pelosi’s is holding up the articles so the trial can’t happen. The Democrats are the gift that keeps on giving, they remind me of drug addicts that know going down this path will be extremely harmful to them but they can’t stop.

One former NFL player from the Vikings who supported Obama is all in for Trump and he says at least 20% of African Americans are also. They see the unemployment numbers and booming economy.

By the way, Hoeven and Cramer will do the right thing and after no credible evidence is presented (there isn’t any) they will vote to acquit President Trump.

Kudos’ to Andrew Allis’ letter on church security.


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