God bless the Minot PD

Harold Mellberg, Minot

Our PD needs our citizens and business owners support more than ever

My hat is off to the Minot Police Department. As a lifelong resident who has been here I can only say thank you for your excellent service for the citizens and businesses of Minot. Rest assured that we the citizens of Minot and many many business owners appreciate your service and dedication. More than these few mere words can canvey.

Thank you for your continuing fight against the drug infiltration that continues to plague this city, as well as the other drama and nightmares that you deal with on a daily basis. Especially the episodes with infants and those very young that usually get turned over to social services.

I could share countless stories about the police department helping me or a friend or family member over the decades.

I will always have your back and I also believe I am not alone in those feelings, when anyone tries to put you down..seriously. One last thought. Shame on you Judge Louser. I think you were in error. I get it your calendar is full, but we did not elect you to conduct business in this manner.

With God speed, bless the Minot Police Department.