Minot has potential

Mahmood Qazi, Minot

After having lived in Minot for 4 years and reading the local press, watching the local electronic media, I found it to be an interesting place to live for a long time and raise the family here. I have been reading the idea of city gathering place in the town and wanted to share my thoughts on that very subject.

Before moving to Minot, ND, I have lived and have also visited couple of states in the US and noticed that we do not have a pick and drop service from Minot Public Schools System. whereas it is a very common practice in many or i would rather say majority of the states in the US that each school system have their buses to provide pick and drop for the kids.

I personally believe that having a place for gathering is a great idea but having the school buses for picks and drops for the kids could also be a good idea. It is just a matter of priority that which one comes on the top in priority list.

If we have a kids pick and drop services by school buses, I am pretty sure lots of parents like ourselves will be happy and relieved because I will not have to make 4 trips in a day to drop and pick two kids, one in elementary school and a second child in high school, bearing in mind that both schools have different start and close times. Especially in the winter season where winter is almost 6-7 months long. It will be a big relief for working parents like myself.

If we can talk about it as a community, I am pretty sure we can make it happen. There could be a potential hurdle of funds availability for purchasing the buses but where there is a will, there is a way. If we come out together as a community, we can make the change and can make things happen. It is just a matter of getting started. I have personally noticed that Minot community has a lot of potential. When people wanted to do something and get it done, they do get it done.

People in administration may know better than me on how to generate funds by requesting Federal, State Governments, seeking helps from local business owners in donating those buses and also seeking community help for fundraising if needed so.


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