Evil doesn’t change

Dan Reinhard, Minot

For those that may remember the movie Blackhawk Down, they might recall that horrific battle was fought by our military in Somalia.

As with numerous consequences in most wars, there will be many noncombatant refugees. There were several thousand such victims in Somalian encampments after those conflicts. By the direction of President Clinton and the Catholic and Lutheran Christian organizations, those refugees were relocated to the outskirts of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It was after I heard of the vile anti-Semitic and anti-American comments made by a member of that Somalian community by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, which prompted me to do a little simple research in the Minneapolis Star Tribune webpage. I read that the Somalian community basically lives in an enclave outside Minneapolis and at that time, were under federal investigation for sending large amounts of money and soldiers to fight with the al-Shabab terrorist organization in Somalia. That organization is also a sympathizer and supporter of al-Qaeda. Both organizations promote the total annihilation of the Jewish State of Israel.

I’d like to believe that our never-ending battles we fight around the world against terrorist organizations are not religious wars. All that I ask is for all of us to think about what happened to America on 9-11, the Boston Marathon, Fort Food, Florida and in California. And many more places here and around the world. If you believe that eventual assimilation will happen so be it, I can find little evidence of that. An infidel is an unclean person…the devil. That will never change.


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