Big difference between private and public signage

Chris Baker, Minot

If we didn’t constantly spend money on studies and consultants and polls (buying daily coffee shop coffees) (raindrops), most of which end up explaining only how we need more studies and consultants and polls, (employment program?), at least until the funds available for the subject have been exhausted (we go bankrupt)( the stone splits). What do we end up with? Nothing. Sometimes with debt and commitment to future debt. Often having relinquished our controlling power to a distant authority.

Do we NEED “informational signage” that is uniform and controlled? Yes, and no.

It is nice to have, but it should not be a taxpayers’ expense unless the sign is for a taxpayers’ provided item. All other “informational signage” is advertising and a part of doing business.

The taxpayers need to be protected. We need codes that assure any signage does not endanger by blocking driver or pedestrian vision or such. We do not NEED all signs to be visually similar. That is something for a business association to agree on for their members’ advertising.

NEEDS may be taxpayer concerns, wants are personal. Learn the difference. I NEED a meal, I want steak and lobster. Very different. I will be healthy on hamburger goulash, even though I might still yearn for steak and lobster! Some day I might save up and buy myself steak and lobster, or someone could decide that everyone deserves steak and lobster just once and buy for all, but never should the taxpayer do so.


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