Some who serve are ignored

Lloyd Kvam, Minot

President Trump has been very active in supporting our military. The Army National Guard and all the Reserves, however, have been ignored when it comes to benefits. Yes there are short term benefits such as:

1. Basic Training to equip you mentally and physically for active duty

2. Military Occupational Specialty Schools

3. College Tuition Reimbursement

4. You get paid for part-time service

5. Adventure and Travel

Men and women give up their weekends once a month for six years. They also go to summer camp for two weeks each year while they are serving. During all this time they are on call 24/7 subject to state or federal needs. Floods, fires, storms, security, traffic control, and in general they play a very important role in backing up regular military.

These men and women are overlooked when it comes to long-term benefits. As we grow older our bodies need more care. I was told recently that if I were a veteran I would be eligible for all kinds of medical care. In Nevada I could have saved as much as $1,800 to $ 2,400 a month if a nursing home was needed.

I think most people would agree that there is a lot of waist in military spending. I know first hand of civilians that bill whatever and they get paid without question. Most Procurement Officers don’t shop around for better prices let alone get a bid from others. I can’t imagine the millions of dollars that could be put to better use. Yes I’m talking about spending more dollars on our military reserves. The bottom line is more and better qualified people in The Guard and in The Reserves.


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