Significant changes coming at NDDOT

Bill Panos, NDDOT Director

After hearing feedback from citizens about long wait times at some of our driver’s license offices, the North Dakota Department of Transportation is happy to announce a new comprehensive effort called “Drive ND” to improve driver’s license customer service and reduce wait times.

The “Drive ND” blueprint renovates driver services through expansion and modernization of various driver’s license operations over the next few months.

We know that the demand for driver license services continues to grow in North Dakota due to the impending REAL ID deadline and increases in population. We are making these enhancements to meet customer needs and reduce wait times. Drive ND will immediately improve customer service as we upgrade driver’s license processes across the state.

Drive ND will focus on seven steps geared to improve driver’s license renewal and testing processes:

Increase staff numbers in Fargo, Bismarck and Williston. NDDOT is in the process of hiring temporary staff to reduce wait times for those seeking driver’s licenses and REAL IDs at the state’s three busiest locations.

Expand REAL ID Saturdays. NDDOT will add more designated REAL ID Saturdays, starting in January where customers can make appointments for REAL IDs in Fargo and Bismarck, to assist customers in obtaining a REAL ID by October 2020.

Relocate Fargo Driver’s License office. In December, the Fargo Driver’s License office will move to a temporary location for one year as the remodeling process takes place in the current building. The new location at Village West Mall on 13th Avenue South in Fargo is larger and designed to add more service windows to reduce wait times and improve customer service.

Work with public schools and private businesses to provide more driver’s license testing for Class D driver’s license. This will save customers time by not having to schedule a road test with Driver’s License offices after training is complete at a public or private driving school.

Obtain additional private sector support for commercial driver’s license testing. NDDOT is working with private businesses that provide CDL training to include testing as part of their program. This will reduce wait times for truck driver licensing.

Modernize operations. Review and implement additional changes to driver’s license process for faster operations throughout North Dakota.

Renovate Minot and Williston offices. Renovate and relocate Minot and Williston Driver’s License offices to larger spaces improving customer service in those areas of the state.

Our main goal at NDDOT is to provide a safe and efficient transportation system while meeting the needs of the citizens of North Dakota. We understand the need to provide fast, efficient service and want to make your experience when coming into a driver’s license office as easy as possible. With these changes we are confident we can enhance your experience and reduce the amount of time you wait when you visit our office.

For more information about driver’s license services in North Dakota or to schedule an appointment, please visit our website at dot.nd.gov.


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