Same old, same old

Chris Baker, Minot

A complete change of school administration did nothing to change the abusive school system, the more things change, the more they stay the same! Some families have experienced multiple generations of such treatment in the Minot Public Schools.

Race is not material, therefore neither is racism, only honest humanity.

That parent needs to get that child a smart phone and instruct them that, since the bully has been reported at least three times to the education professionals and they have chosen to aid and abet the stalking of a child, the child is to text “help” to the parents and call 911.

The sidewalks are public property, not the property of the land owner, therefore the school has no right to deny the victim the protection of our police and legal system. We have police and judges and juries to provide justice, that is not the purvey of educators or administrators.

The school system, in these cases, is criminal, and creating criminals, both the bully children and all the adults who choose to not see.

(In apparent response to a letter in last Saturday’s edition by Russell Bass of Minot.)


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