New bar hours appalling

Cindy Sessions, Minot

The City Council has failed to represent the core values of its hard working taxpaying families in three key areas recently and could seriously jeopardize the safety of all its citizens in two.

On Nov 19, 2018 they voted to let bars stay open until 2 a.m. North Dakota ranks as one of the worst states in the nation for alcohol related crime. 10,511 people were murdered by drunk drivers in the US in 2018. 10,511!! Larger than some ND cities! 29 a day. One person every fifty minutes.


Minot had 260 DUI arrests in 2017, 313 in 2018, and 276 year to date in 2019. 276 shameless idiots driving drunk in our city this year! In 2017 Minot had 114 Domestic Violence calls involving alcohol. 96 in 2018 and 79 in 2019 year to date. 79 families, some with children witnessing, went through the horror of alcohol assisted domestic violence.

We should be ashamed to literally give more time for more people to drink even more. John Lakoduk, owner of the Tap Room, justified his position in favor by saying non traditional workers like nurses, (surely not the ones who work in the Emergency Rooms) needed the 2 a.m. closing. The Minot PD responded 9 times in 2017, 7 in 2018 and 6 year to date in 2019 to the Tap Room. That’s 22 times our PD was put in possible harm’s way.

Sherri McGlaughlin of the Spot was also in favor. She justified her position on wanting the options during pool tournaments and that closing at 1 a.m. caused people not to visit Minot and stay in hotel rooms. Minot PD responded to the Spot 27 times in 2017, 15 in 2018 and 28 year to date in 2019. Again, 28 times so far this year our Minot PD is put in harm’s way for the revenue of private business.

The City Council added this item at the last minute and approved it without the input or wisdom of Church clergy, Domestic Violence Crisis Center employees, Trinity Emergency Room nurses and doctors, etc., nor the desire to get it.


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