ND not senior friendly

Carol H. Johnson, Minot

It puzzles me why SD has no state income tax while ND has a 5% state income tax.

Not only that, but Minot has a 7.5% city tax which makes a whopping 12.5% state and local tax.

SD average State and local tax rate is 6.4%. Montana has zero state taxes and no sales tax on purchases in state. There are no city or county taxes.

Wyoming has a state sales tax of 4%. The state sales tax plus local taxes are between 4% and 6%.

What is wrong with ND? What is wrong with Minot? The local tax of 7.5% is only exceeded by Grafton (7.75%) and Williston (8%).

I was born in ND and moved back after retiring. After age 65 I lived in MD and CO and had many senior benefits. I was shocked to find that ND does not offer much in the way of benefits other than the Homestead exemption which only applies if your income $42,000 or less. There is no shopping outlet which offers adequate handicapped parking.

There is no attempt to foster any of the characteristics which induce people to want to make their home in this city. I can say that it has changed drastically in the time I was gone and it breaks my heart.


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