How Trump missed the riot

Gene Nygaard, Crosby

Those rambunctious, overgrown third-graders made a quite ruckus for a little while at the U.S. House of Representatives. Haven’t heard if little Kelly from North Dakota got in on it, or maybe he was just one of those whose work was interrupted by the rioters. Aren’t you proud of them! Just kidding, of course. Hope the mothers and dads who watched gave them a talking to.

It was reported that ringleader classmate Donny (the one with the skin that looks like a pumpkin) got to be in on the planning on Sunday at his house (actually, OUR White House) for the riot. But he clearly wasn’t there, however. Apparently he had a remedial letter-writing lesson or some other conflict, or was just too busy ranting at the TV on “executive time,” so he had to miss out on the riot.


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