Happy Tofurky Day

Heather Moore, PETA Foundation

Many people will be stuffing themselves with tasty vegan foods this Thanksgiving. In 2017, 6% of Americans identified as vegan–an increase of 600% in just three years–and new vegans are sprouting up left and right, as more people become aware of the ethical and ecological ramifications of animal agriculture, as well as the health hazards of eating animal-based foods.

Thankfully, for new and aspiring vegans, it’s easy to whip up vegan versions of traditional holiday favorites, including mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean bake, and pumpkin pie, in addition to a gourmet main dish, such as a savory pot pie or a stuffed squash with an array of roasted root vegetables.

Simply visit www.PETA.org for free vegan recipes and product suggestions, including ready-made vegan feasts, such as Gardein’s great-tasting holiday roast with cranberry wild rice stuffing and turkey-free gravy, Tofurky’s Holiday Feast, or a festive vegan meal from Field Roast.

I hope everyone has a happy and humane Thanksgiving, filled with scrumptious vegan foods and random acts of kindness.


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