Bye-bye buy local

Nancy Bommelman, Minot

BUY LOCAL, BUY LOCAL!! That’s all we hear.

A recent letter in the Minot Daily News said that the city council agreed to buy some vehicles outside of the state of North Dakota.

They went to another state, Minnesota to buy these?

Let’s break this down, there is nobody in this city that can tell me that was a good cost effective idea to buy out of state. Any one of the dealerships in Minot would have bent over backwards to have the city buy this many vehicles if not more from them.

So the money that was spent out of state, could have been given to a sales person in Minot, so they could feed their family, make a house payment, buy school supplies for their own children. The readers know what I’m talking about.

So the city took the money out of the mouth of somebody that could use it here and also spend the money locally. The city council decided to go out of state. They tell us to shop local, buy local, do everything local. Let me tell you, the readers something. The city council should practice what they preach, buying local is a good thing and I’m all for it.

I actually talked to some sales people at some of the dealerships around the state, and each and everyone of them said they would have made a great deal with the city. I have the dealerships names too. It’s a shame that the city bought out of state instead of giving back to the city of Minot. Shame on them!! So why should we buy local when they don’t? So does Ward County.

We can’t trust what they say or what they do.

The citizens don’t want something and it’s voted against us anyway. We don’t want something they buy it or build it anyway. They want money to make Minot “pretty”, there is no action no progress.

They may see progress, I sure as hell don’t.


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