USMCA a backdoor to North American Union

Judy Stahl, Valley City

President Trump supports the United States Mexico Canada Agreement. 57% of the text of the USMCA is identical to that of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and builds upon the 1993 North American Free Trade Agreement. Candidate Trump had opposed both the TPP and NAFTA!

Henry Kissinger said of NAFTA, “The revolution sweeping the Western Hemisphere can point the way to an international order based on cooperation. It is this revolution that is at stake in the ratification of NAFTA. What Congress will soon have before it is not a conventional trade agreement but the hopeful architecture of a new international system.”

The USMCA’s Free Trade Commission can make changes to the agreement after its ratification without the consent of Congress, undermining Congress’ Constitutional Article I, Section 8 enumerated power to regulate trade with foreign nations. This is a back-door entrance into a North American Union similar to the European Union on the way to a totalitarian UN world government as many USMCA provisions institute UN goals.

The USMCA has committees dealing with regulation of business, telecommunication, the environment, financial services, intellectual property, agriculture, and much more. Any perceived temporary economic advantage is far outweighed by the loss of US freedom and sovereignty.

Contact President Trump and Congress to stop the USMCA.


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