Sage advice from the Zanders

Diane and Tim Zander, Minot

We are concerned for our kids/grandchildren.

We don’t want military grade weaponry on their streets: body armor, suppressors/silencers, assault rifles. If you already have an “A whatever” keep it, but let’s legislate clip quantities.

If you think you need a mega-clip or drum for coyotes or recreation or the zombie apocalypse, well… How about universal background checks/registry/natl’l data base? And we don’t recall anyone ever suggesting they were going to come get your shotgun, deer rifle or handgun if you are a law abiding citizen.

What about the exploding deficit? $960 billion this year? Will the next generations never get to live with a government functioning with a balanced budget, like we did once upon a time? What a house of cards we are leaving them.

What about the spills, plastics, chemicals, diseases coming back, and tainted water and foods? It seems we should be spending tax dollars encouraging research and solving these issues.

What about the examples being set? Fame admired more than merit, silver blankets and crying children (yup, been to Guatemala, get why they come), dishonesty a political tool, religion purveying judgement rather than peace and mercy, educators parsed for deficits rather than encouraged for service and innovation. Who will run for public service, who will teach the children?

Our ideas for amendments: balanced budget (you play, you pay concept), only two consecutive congressional terms allowed, sitting president has to pay former president $1,000 every time his/her name is invoked publicly, the president gets a set monthly stipend for recreation and has to stay in DC when it is spent (you snooze, you lose concept), and he/she may not download the Twitter app.

Just some thoughts from grandma and grandpa who love the next generations with all their hearts.