Lucky to have Trump as POTUS

Linda Blackston Marsh, Bottineau

How did the American people get so lucky?

Let’s be clear. President Trump single-handedly built one of the largest and most successful real estate empires in the world. That’s not a profession where you can get lucky with one idea you bring to market a few months before the competition. It’s a profession populated with ruthless sharks, globally funded businesses, heavily regulated by money-hungry politicians, and constantly subject to the whims of the global economy. It’s like ship building during a hurricane.

The President was the best in the world at that, then he wrote a best-selling book, built a media empire, became a world renowned personality, and had dozens of smaller successful ventures, and some failures. He was and is one of the most successful businessmen who has ever lived and one of the very, very few who have succeeded in multiple, unrelated ventures.

There is NOBODY in politics in either party who has had 1/10th the success that the President has had. Then he took them all on, with NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE running for office, and crushed them all. Actually, humiliated them all.

And now, HATED by them all for showing them to be the corrupt criminals that they all are, he is implementing his agenda in the teeth of more opposition than any political leader has ever faced. And he controls the dialogue and has the scurrilous swirl of snakes nipping at his heels.