Help out the kids, and teachers

Nancy Bommelman, Minot

School has started! Bring out the banners and start the parade! It’s always an exciting time for the kids and teachers. Every year I bring numerous backpacks filled full of school supplies to the schools for children that are less fortunate. I remember going to school the first day of school and not having these things. Being poor when I was younger, things like this stick with you for a lifetime. I don’t want that to happen to children here.

So when I fill those backpacks and give them to the teachers they are so very grateful.

When I was picking out school supplies this year, I saw crayons were 39 cents. How inexpensive that is. I spend about four dollars a week on ice coffee. So I got to thinking how many boxes of crayons I could buy extra with that four dollars. So I bought ten extra boxes.

If everybody bought five dollars worth of school supplies and give them to the school of your choice, how happy would you make that child. You would make the teacher even happier. The teachers spend a lot of their own money on school supplies and they shouldn’t be. The teachers are underpaid as it is, they shouldn’t be spending their hard earned money on their students. That is suppose to be the parents’ job.

The first day of school parents shouldn’t be thinking that the schools and teachers are going to GIVE their children supplies. They aren’t suppose to be doing that, they are there to teach not to clothe your child.

So if everybody gave a little it would make this place a better world.