Time to rethink Newsweek

Phil Weigel, Minot

What I’m about to write is disturbing and quite frankly, I cannot believe that we have to have this conversation.

On Wednesday, August 21st, Newsweek published an article stating that it was time to rethink cannibalism.

Quoting psychologists Jared Piazza and Neil McLatchie of Lancaster University, the magazine attempts to make the argument that since cannibalism is seen in the animal world that humans should “rethink” their position on cannibalism. That we should try to deem it “morally acceptable.”

Am I the only one who thinks that this is sick, wrong and just plain gross?

Yet this is what is printed in left-wing magazines by the so-called “elites” of Academia.

If one was to believe in conspiracy theories, that our globalist masters that own Newsweek and other similar magazines, one would be led to believe that there’s a push to “normalize” things such as pedophilia, transgenderism in children and now cannibalism.

They say that the legacy media like Newsweek is dying. If the magazine is going to print disgusting slop such as this, I say we’re better off without it.