Proposed senior community raises questions

Linda Carter, Minot

I have a few things to say about the recent article about a Senior Community to be built by some developer from Minnesota. My first reaction was WHY? Retired seniors generally go to Florida or Arizona thus the many senior living communities.

I haven’t heard of retirees flocking to North Dakota to retire!! Our seniors here tend to stay as long as possible in their own homes until they can no longer care for themselves and then they go assisted living homes for help.

Senior Communities are for those who still have the ability to do all those activities that are offered. It is alarming how much it costs to live in an assisted living home! Well over $3,000 which is just plain absurd. Take what is left of their dignity. I may be alright with this proposal if it is made affordable for people, but that does not seen likely.

I want to know who the developer is, why he is choosing this place, who else is involved here, is he getting tax breaks, is Trinity somehow involved? These are questions that need to be addressed before any further plans are made.

With so many other issues that need to be addressed such the Post Office and new equipment why would we even consider such an outrageous proposal? Whose really benefitting from this?

We need to stop the insanity of over-developing here in Minot. Let’s take care of what we have right now and fix what needs to be fixed. We have the downtown garages problem, the gathering place, the Anne Street Bridge,the flood control construction etc. Take care of our needs in the present here and now. Development has gotten out of control and we need to say enough is enough!