Do the TR math

M.L. Berg, Minot

The article on the proposed TR library in your paper for Thursday, August 15, mentioned that TR had been in southwestern Dakota Territory for three years.

That figure can be further refined by taking into account the time he actually spent there, going year by year from his first visit in September, 1883, to the fall of 1886.

In 1883, TR spent 3 weeks there. In 1884, that number climbed to 11 weeks from June 9 through December 20, 1884.

In the following year, his residence there climbed slightly to 13 weeks, spread out from April 17 to September 16, 1885.

And in the fourth year, it topped out at 20 weeks, going from March 18 to late September or early October 1886.

In all, TR was in southwestern Dakota Territory for a total of 47 weeks from September 8, 1883, through early October, 1886.

As far as his proposed library is concerned, it would seem better to have it in Dickinson. It would be right next to the interstate. And the university in Dickinson has a digital library, which might be virtually complete one day, of TR’s papers.

This would be a great double shot for TR enthusiasts – a virtual collection complemented by a traditional library. What could be better?


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