Pluses to grow your own

Chris Baker


I am against legalizing pot, however, if it is legalized it should be grow your own and use it where you grow it, give it away, or sell it out of the state. No selling within ND. No making ND a complete slave purchaser at the end of the distribution chain for yet another thing. No bankrupting NoDakers to enrich yet another cartel.

Banning growing means you are following the heroin model and assuring all the bad, with little of the good, at the user position. Heroin poppies are gorgeous, but we can only see them in pictures because “someone” made highly refined heroin extremely valuable by restricting their growth and access to the raw (less palatable ) opium (keeping raw price market controlled). Do we really want another such system?

Grow what you use means you know what you’re getting, you have to learn to produce the desired effect, and there’s no point in growing tons if you can’t sell it, but there’s also no reason to ban a marketable agriculture crop.


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