DMV difficulties

Lloyd Kvam


During a recent visit to the Department of Motor Vehicle it took two days to get my license transferred from another state. The whole process could have been done in less than two hours during the first day that I was there.

Signage, I believe, is the key. People need to know what documents they need so the lines will move faster and frustration will be held to a minimum. When one walks in the front door there should be instruction on what is needed. Granted this might be available on the computer. Not everybody has a computer.

How many people know that a birth certificate or a passport is needed? When one first moves here they may not have a power bill, as an example, for proof of residency.

Be prepared. You will also need to show your Certificate of Title. Don’t forget to have your insurance in place. These are just the documents needed in North Dakota. I probably missed some. Other states may vary.