Democrats losing their way

Dora Diepolder


I am troubled. My parents were farmers in the “dirty ’30s.’ The values of the Democratic Party of F.D.R. saved them and many others. For many years, those values were my values and they still are.

But now we have a dramatic change. We have a Democratic Party that is all for women’s rights. That is good. I’m for women’s rights also. I graduated from college in 1951. One of my classmates wanted to be a doctor, but no medical school would accept a woman. I have daughters. I always told them “go for your dreams.” One became a doctor and one an engineer. I share this to make clear I am all for women’s rights. However, women’s rights must never override the rights of the unborn child.

I have not heard one Democratic candidate speak up for the rights of the unborn child in an honest and straight-forward manner. The unborn child is totally vulnerable and the Democratic Party seems to care less. The party that I admired for so many years has let me down. I am troubled!

Please, Democrats, address the rights of the unborn child.