Celebrate independence – and the economy

Roscoe Streyle


As our country celebrates its 243rd birthday, America’s economy is soaring, set to exceed $21 trillion for the first time this year, while its international strength has never been better.

Much of the success is due to the advancements in shale oil discovered in North Dakota’s Bakken and shared with the Eagle Ford and Permian basins of Texas. Because of these discoveries, our nation has become an exporter of oil and gas, generating investment and wages in our country rather than importing energy and sending our dollars to other nations.

However, the value of our oil production is more than its dollar value. American energy dominance has negated the actions of our foes and allowed our country to pursue policy on our own terms.

No country has experienced America’s new might than the terroristic nation of Iran which has had its oil exports reduced to 300,000 barrels per day under sanctions by the Trump administration. In the last 45 days, the terrorist nation has downed an American unmanned aircraft and twice bombed ships undoubtedly to provoke an extreme response from our country. However, because for the first time sanctions are imposed from a position of strength, our response could be measured, calculated, and severe. Rather than a response of bloodshed, US Army Cyber Command attacked the country’s computer systems, shutting down its radar and missile defense systems and for the first time, America implemented billions of dollars of personal financial sanctions on the country’s corrupt leaders. America avoided casualties with a clear warning of what we can accomplish and personal pain to the country’s leadership. Such a measured response could not have been possible when the world relied on millions of barrels of oil from Iraq and Iran to flow through the Strait of Hormuz each and every day.

Even in the trade war with China, our energy dominance is clear. While we levy tariffs against on another, China has explicitly excluded American oil from its tariffs. Why? Because China has taken our place as the world’s largest importer of oil, leaving it dependent on our former energy foes of Saudi Arabia and Russia, neither a great ally of China.

While our economy and international relationships continue to face uncertainties, America’s strong economy and energy dominance allow it to negotiate from a position of power, rather than capitulation.

On the Fourth of July, celebrate our independence as a nation with guaranteed freedom, a strong economy, and energy dominance.


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