Why print bizarre piece?

Shane McLoughlin


In Friday’s (May 24) Minot Daily News, there was an opinion piece written by Tony Bender entitled “Governing America’s genitalia.” I have spent much of the morning asking why the Minot Daily would even print such a bizarre piece filled with hate and ignorance.

Apparently the author was upset about the current pro-life bills that have passed in different states in our country. Were they trying to expose us to the extreme leftist political rhetoric as a “shock and awe,” or do they themselves hold such views which seem inconsistent with the paper’s history.

The paper notes that this Bender writes “an exclusive weekly column for Forum News Service.” Did I miss something? Did the Forum buy out Minot Daily? Why would they go out of their way to include this piece in their paper?

The reality is that these states’ bills are not about governing genitalia, but about protecting the lives of these babies, the very children who were conceived through a very intimate act. They are separate living beings and anyone who thinks that it is “OK” to murder them reveals the evil in their hearts. Yes, I understand that the abortion industry attempts to disguise their tactics and antics with the notion that they are defending women, but they have been exposed for the abuse they are doing to the women in this country by previous abortion workers.

Watch the movie “UNPLANNED” about the Abby Johnson story (a former Planned Parenthood clinic director), or read her book of the same name. You will see what abortion does to women. You could listen to Carrol Everett (also a former abortion worker) and there are many others out there. Recently I heard from six brave post-abortive women who shared of the terrible and long-term experiences they had after their abortions. The grief and depression after realizing that their babies were killed, the efforts to suppress their feelings with alcohol and drugs further wrecking their lives, one even attempting suicide. It is finally being reported what abortion is doing to the women of this country, and most North Dakotans stand by and let this happen to 20-25 women each week in Fargo. It is well-documented the horrors these women face.

It is time for all men and women to stand up and protect the miracle of life that begins in the womb. That is always worthy of celebration.

So again I ask, why was such a dark fantasy as Tony Bender’s article ever printed? Is it because he cannot oppose pro-life arguments with reasonable responses?

Don’t forget that abortion doesn’t prevent babies, it kills them.