Reparations for those due

Ron Carlson


Articles are appearing in various places discussing the need for reparations for the families of slaves.

This letter does not address that subject but the author, me, believes we should consider reparations for the hundreds of thousands who fought and died to stop/eliminate slavery “four score and seven years” after our country was formed.

I am not proud of the fact that it took us 87 years to eliminate slavery. Great Britain eliminated slavery in 1807, almost 60 years before us, after centuries of allowing slavery to continue in that country. Slavery in Great Britain goes back to before the 12th century according to Wikipedia. It took them something like 800 years to get it right?

I am proud President Lincoln led the charge to eliminate slavery and especially proud of all those who died accomplishing just that! Reparations? Let’s consider the families of those who got the job done.