Proud of Trump

Phil Weigel


President Trump, the week of June 17th, had the option to use drones against Iran in retaliation for Iran allegedly shooting down a US military plane and allegedly sinking an unmanned ship in the area.

After confirming that both the plane and the boat were automated and thus no one lost their lives, he decided to not get the U.S. involved in yet another conflict in the Middle East.

While Iran should suffer some penalty for what they did, if they, in fact did shoot down the plane and blew up the boat, one must stand up and be very proud of President Trump for not sending the U.S. to yet another armed conflict.

So, thank you, President Trump, for not starting another conflict in the world. Thank you for upholding your promise to not police the world as much as we used to. And thank you, President Trump, for standing up to John Bolton, the Neocons and tremendous outside pressure to do the right thing.

The world doesn’t need more wars and death.