Postal Service does good deed

Richard Reuer


Just last week I received a letter posted marked May 28, 2019 from Gloria Onan in Amherst Junction, Wisconsin requesting a veterans memorial keepsake card from my ministry she found out about “Honoring Those Who Served-Ministry” for her father, William Moscinski, who died in June 1992, he was a WWII veteran with a Purple Heart and Silver Star.

The second was her father-in-law, Howard Onan who too was a WWII veteran and served as a cook. She also mentioned about her husband who served during the Vietnam Era, he was assigned to Vietnam had all his shots and then his orders were changed. He ended up in Germany. She shares also that he is a member of the American Legion there in Amherst Junction, Wisconsin.

On the front of the envelop was attached a pink label saying “Hi, Happy We Found You. This address error was detected by your postal service. Please notify the sender of your correct address. We Care!!!”

At first I thought it was the sender that placed the label on it, until one day I re-read it again and noticed it was our postal service.

I know most of us have complained from time to time about our postal service, and today I want to as least say here is one good deed that our postal service provided for this lady’s primary wish was to receive this memorial keepsake card with the meanings of the fold in the American flag, history of taps, firing of the rifles and I also included the meanings of the coins on a veterans grave.

With that being said, I decided to go back in inserting the history of taps, firing of the rifles and the meaning of the coins, as in the past months this year I decided to keep the card simple, but after reading this lady’s letter I knew I had to bring the insert back.


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