ND delegation doesn’t back LGBTQ

Daniel Scott


In just the past few months, Republicans from across the country, emboldened by their President, have made one horrible comment after another regarding the rights of LGBTQ people.

Right wing zealot Mike Huckabee said LGBTQ rights are the “greatest threat” to religious morality in America.

West Virginia Republican Eric Porterfield said he’d drown his kids if they came out as gay. He also said the LGBTQ community is the modern day equivalent of the lynching, racist KKK.

Florida Republican Mike Hill laughed and joked when someone in a meeting of his mentioned the possibility of killing gays.

None of these men would recognize Christ if he had his arm around them. And Christ certainly wouldn’t recognize any of them as his followers.

Our three representatives in Congress – Cramer, Armstrong, and Hoeven – have voted recently on LGBTQ issues to further embolden these clowns, including NO votes on protections for LGBTQ people working for federal contractors; allowing transgender people to use the restroom they identify with; and providing services to transgender individuals serving in the armed services, just to name a few.

I’ve quit holding my breath hoping any of these three will show some leadership or humanity on LGBTQ issues, or any issues for that matter.