More benefits needed for Guardsmen

Lloyd Kvam


I served for nearly six years and was on call 24/7 to go anywhere my country needed me to fight fires, floods, riots and also go anywhere in the world on a moments notice. Families are greatly affected when any of these events should occur.

Whar benefits do Guardsmen get for doing all of this? You can’t put a price tag on our American flag but it doesn’t put food on the table.

My family does get a flag when I die. Also, taps are played.

Some assisted living places discount rates at over $2,000 per month if you are a veteran. I have a lot of respect for our “Vets,” however, I know of people that were sent to Germany for two years and they drank beer during that time and came back home as a “Vet.”

I can’t go to the “Vets” hospital. I pay about $500 per month in premiums and co-pays for my health insurance. If you do the math there is a huge gap in what I pay and what a “Vet” pays for a lifetime of coverage just so we can maintain a meager standard of living.

I’m not asking anything just for myself. The men and women of our country have been pushed aside for decades when it comes to serving the needs of our government. Now Medicare for all is being talked about. How about some help for the few that have served to give them the right to ask and keep Medicare?