Make it stop

Nancy Bommelman


So much is going on in the city it’s hard to take it all in.

The trip to Norway, was it really necessary? Well was it? I doubt it. We could have figured a way to recycle here and take care of our city.

Isn’t that what the city council is getting paid for?

They are there for the people. Doesn’t look like it from where I’m standing.

I can’t begin to tell the readers of these letters that are printed every week from different people, how many citizens come up to me and talk to me about the issues of the city. I have told them “talk to the city manager,” ask Tom questions, he’ll answer them. I’ve talked with him numerous times. If you have a question call the man!!!

We keep building and building with no action and no real progress. They want to build a new city hall. What the hell for? More money wasted. How much would it take to tear down the parking ramps? 1.25 million? The city wants to put apartments above the garages. I say no way! We should just tear them down and take our loss.

If the new city hall is going to be built downtown or wherever, are the employees going to park in the parking ramps and get charged for them? I doubt it. Nobody parks in there. If they do it’s maybe three people a day. If a person does park in the ramp they can’t get out because it’s broken. I’ll drive past there and am ashamed that we let the builder take off with $85,000 of our tax paying money and we don’t have the spine to go after them. Write me a check for $85,000 and don’t come after me. Let’s all line up and do that. To build on top of the ramps is ridiculous!! We have apartments in Minot that can’t be filled now. So the ones they want to build stay vacant too. Money well spent again!

Come on Minot speak up!! We have to STOP spending money we don’t have. I know it’s government money, but who has to maintain the buildings? The citizens of Minot and their tax increase pays for that.

We need to get a business in town that is going to stay. COSTCO comes to mind. How come Bismarck can attempt to get a Costco but not us? This is ridiculous! We don’t need more restaurants. We have enough, and no help as it is. Just think if we get a COSTCO, we can get people from over 100 miles around to shop in Minot. Think about it.

I hear from citizens that all Minot wants to do is line the pockets of certain people and not take care of the citizens. The all mighty buck turns its ugly head again. I agree with the regular people, the people that work for a living that pay and pay more taxes every year. I know the people that work hard for their money aren’t getting a tax break and aren’t getting their pockets lined, that’s for sure.

The city council can’t figure it out on how not to raise taxes, when is it ever going to stop?

To me they are saying, “We can’t figure it out, so let’s raise taxes, we’ll figure it out later.” Well, later is here and we are fed up!!!


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