Let Richman continue to lead

M. Barney Ruehl

Detroit Lakes, Minn.

I’ve known Dr. Richman since 1971 as teammates on the NDSSS football team. Even at that point in his life you could tell he was a leader that had a high degree of integrity. I’ve followed his career and every station he held at the school. All programs or offices he was responsible for grew. Someone once told me “behavior never lies!”

If you look at where the school was when Dr. Richman took over the helm to where it is today you have to be impressed. He has grown every aspect of the school and collaborated with many businesses to develop curriculums preparing students for careers in their chosen field. I encourage you to look the scope of his accomplishments and the fact that NDSCS is an example other educational programs are trying to emulate! Pure and simple positive growth!

Have you ever help a post where you had a large number of persons reporting to you? If so, you’d know it’s impossible to guide or direct all those making decisions to make right decisions. Dr. Richman guides a large ship. He can’t control all persons but I guarantee he will right any wrong choices made with integrity and expediency. It’s what he’s done his whole career. That’s what leaders do!

I guarantee you the school is where it is today because of the behaviors of Dr. Richman and his leadership. It’s not easy with so many different personalities and values. He takes full responsibility and his dedication to the school is second to none. He will always make the right choice. I encourage you to allow Dr. Richman to do what he does best. Continue to lead North Dakota State College of Science into the future and watch it grow!