Continue the investigations of Trump

Mark Berg


After they had read the Mueller report, over one thousand members of the legal profession signed a petition to support further investigation into the issues raised by that report. There is obvious evidence of wrongdoing, so obvious that it would have sent an ordinary American citizen to jail tout de suite!

So, for our two senators and our lone representative to say, let the matter drop, is totally unacceptable. I’ll take the side of a thousand legal experts over the side of three politicians any time.

The meticulous Mueller report has made an excellent start by providing evidence of wrongdoing. Let our House of Representatives take as much time as it needs, and spend as much money as it takes, to put the finishing touches on these matters. That just might be what it takes to enforce the rule of law and to have elected representatives uphold our constitution, as they all took an oath to do, when they were sworn into office.


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