Trump not above the law

Brad Mills


In response to Mark Knudtson’s letter titled “Crucify him! Impeach him!,” it’s incredibly unfortunate that political ideology has completely taken over truth and facts in this country.

It’s equally unfortunate that someone would actually compare the investigation of President Trump to the crucifixion of Christ. First of all, the investigation and possible impeachment of Trump is a completely non-violent, legal, and valid action that our government has every right to pursue, versus the crucifixion which was basically a mob lynching. Furthermore, all of Trump’s behavior and everything he stands for goes completely against everything I have ever learned in my entire lifetime from religion, church, spirituality, the Bible, and God. Anyone who doesn’t get that by now is beyond hope.

In terms of the investigation into Russian interference into our election and the Trump campaign, the Mueller Report makes it abundantly clear that Trump obstructed justice on multiple occasions and Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano (hardly some “left-wing Democrat”) explains it all very well in the following video and written op-ed:

www.foxnews.com/opinion/ judge-andrew-napolitano-did-president-trump-obstruct- justice

As Napolitano explains, obstruction of justice is a crime, so the question is whether or not we are going to allow our president to get away with breaking the law. The hardcore Trump supporters might very well be OK with this. But if we allow it, then not only are we setting a dangerous precedent, we are devolving into an autocracy with one person ruling the country without the checks and balances the U.S. Constitution very clearly prescribes.