Loving Chuck and Jessie

Rachel Axness

Des Lacs

Hallelujah!!! So absolutely ecstatic that you have brought back “Let’s Cook”by Chuck Repnow!!! I look so forward to his column because it is something I can relate to, & the recipes are out-of-this-world!!! It is just like getting a personal handwritten letter from a long-lost relative, which catches you up on the latest good news!!! His writings are great therapy for a busy, jam-packed day that you just need something abstract to read so you can take a break off of the day’s roller coaster!

I must also compliment on Jessie Veeder’s column from Saturday’s paper, too. I am now a Grandma for 8 X’s, so reading about Jessie’s life now as a young wife & mother creates an enormous amount of reminiscing for me ‘reflecting’ on where I have been. Her column is just plain delightful hitting the nail right on the head in all of her writings!!!

A lot of today’s news involves adversity in all aspects, crime scene, & not-so-good subjects, but having columns like Chuck’s & Jessie’s really make me look forward to getting the Minot Daily News!!! Thank you for incorporating columns of this type for all of us!!!