Can’t stand leftists

Phil Weigel


I honestly can’t stand leftists. When I talk about leftists, I don’t mean the average liberal. There are liberals I watch from time to time such as Bill Maher, Tim Pool, Carl Benjamin or Dave Rubin and while I disagree with them on some policy positions, I know for a fact that they would argue their policy positions on good faith. Well, mostly, I’m not sure about Bill Maher these days.

When I say leftist, I mean the condescending, arrogant and unfunny people that think they’re way smarter and more hilarious than they actually are. Mr. Bender of the Fargo Forum is a perfect example of this. On April 27th he wrote a fan fiction in mockery of concerns that people who aren’t leftists as a way to go “ha ha, look how funny this is,” but in actuality, it was nothing more than snide contempt without a single trace of humor in it.

But that’s not why I can’t stand them, there are plenty of conservatives who act very similar that I dislike, such as Ben Shapiro and Ann Coulter among others.

I can’t stand them because they are hypocrites. They claim to stand against racism, yet advocate for things that are racist! Campus Reform put out a video showing that white liberal college students, in an attempt to elevate their black colleagues, were pushing for things like “black only dorms” and “separate but equal.” Things that were already decided to be racist and unlawful over sixty years ago. You see opinion pieces in major magazines and newspapers with Asian women going “I don’t like the fact that I have a white boyfriend” or “I can’t stand interracial dating in movies and TV shows.”

The only difference between the Jim Crow of yesteryear and the current budding Jim Crow is who the racism is directed at. So long as society views it as socially acceptable to be racist towards one group of people, racism will never go away. In the 1930s-1950s, it was okay to be racist towards any non-white people, according to society. In “current year,” it’s okay to be racist towards white people, especially if they’re white men.

This creates a pressure cooker effect. Where the leftists and their sympathetic allies in the media and politics declare anyone who challenges their orthodoxy to be ‘-ists’ and ‘-phobes’ (racists/sexists and homophobic/Islamaphobic). The -ists and -phobes are ostracized, fired from their jobs, lambasted by the media and put into the “pot of deplorables.” People who weren’t part of that group but agreed with the concerns of the -ists and -phobes remain quiet and hope that the leftists don’t come after them. It doesn’t work, eventually they are thrown into the pot of deplorables as well.

The leftists then, instead of addressing the legitimate concerns of non-leftists shut the lid on the pot, while the problems in society get worse. With each terror attack, illegal alien raping a child, race riot, etc., the fire under the pot gets more and more fuel added to it. Pressure begins to build and steam begins to escape. The leftist solution? Tighten the lid via censorship of anyone who disagrees with their position on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Meanwhile the leftist allies in entertainment, academia and politics dump gas on the fire while praising themselves as being virtuous and honorable while ignoring the pressure cooker that’s about to explode.

When it does, and it will, when the resulting violence and chaos happens, the leftists will not go “oh, we messed up,” they will instead go “See?! We TOLD you that they were all evil, violent -ists and -phobes!”

And that’s why I can’t stand leftists.


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