A day to honor

Max Zurcher


Thank you God for giving us such a wonderful world to live in – rich in love from family and friends. Truly a world that gives us the opportunity to be ourselves. Minot, our home, the land of beautiful sunsets, a living river and the silent light of the evenings.

What a gift to us to be born one of God’s children here on earth. To be able to enjoy the beauty of nature and the heavenly sky we live under each day. My heart and my life will always be in love with the prairies of North Dakota. The kindness of the people who live here make Minot feel like a comfort zone.

Monday will be Memorial Day, the day we honor all those people that served in war, during the war or after the war has ended. Many died for our country, both in war and those that have died since. Those that lay silent in the ground beneath our feet and below the headstones are all Heroes.

After the ceremony is over, maybe those that are there could take some time to walk the rows of stones in honor of those that have died. Everything lives to die, that is the circle of life. I’m sure that someone will honor you the same someday.