Where does the money come from?

Nancy Bommelman


I wish somebody would explain to me where all the money is coming from to build in Minot? I understand there is government money given to the city for certain things, but I can’t get over how much is being spent.

Do the citizens of Minot realize, every time we remodel or spend money, we as taxpayers have to maintain everything. If a new city hall is to be remodeled or built, who do you think has to pay the heat, water, cable, and garbage. We do, the citizens of Minot, our tax-paying people. That gathering space is government money; who has to maintain that. We do, the citizens of Minot.

If they indeed do all the remodeling that is being said that they want done we are not only going to go broke we’ll never get out of debt.

Where does it stop?

They have enough money to send people to Norway, I’m almost sure there is going to be more than two people going. To do what, see how they recycle over there? What is really going on with this trip? Why do they have to go across the world to see how to recycle, or do whatever they are over there?

Can’t you YouTube that or Google that?

I’m not trying to be funny here, I’m trying to get a point across. So how many people are going? Is the mayor’s family going along, is the manager’s family going. I want proof if they go along, who pays their airline fee and hotel. How much is the trip going to cost? Where did they “all of a sudden find money” to send these people across the country?

If city hall moves that means the police department would probably take over the renovation of that building. Where is the money coming from to do that?

We have buildings now that aren’t being utilized in the right fashion. We as citizens, need to go to the city meetings every month and state our opinion. If we don’t nothing will happen. Why can’t we as a group of citizens vote on everything the city council does? We’re the ones paying all the oversize taxes for this city. It’s getting way out of hand and has to stop! Instead of complaining about the city, go down and state your opinion. I’ve done it enough; they will listen.

Instead of making Minot “pretty,” why don’t we get any new businesses here in town? We need to bring a business here, besides a restaurant. Lord knows we have enough of them.

Is this how we are going to be the next ten years? How sad, it breaks my heart!

In closing this letter to the editor I want to point out I have had numerous talks with the city manager, Tom Barry. He has always been nice and gracious and always has time for the citizens. He is a very smart man. He does know what he is doing, if you have a question I urge you to talk with him, make an appointment to see him. I may not agree with everything the city has done, but I do want to make Minot better.

I want Minot to grow, I want them to realize that we do care about Minot and want to make a difference. That is something I am trying to do on my end. I have talked with Tom and told him some ideas. He never once blew me off or said hurtful things.

Every question I asked him he answered, he would show me proof of everything I asked, I asked to look at the budget he let me. I asked questions, he answered. Like I said, I may not have agreed on everything the city council is doing, but I’m trying to figure out a way to put the magic back in our city.