Stop the personal attacks

Mathew Klein


In response to the opinion article by Tony Bender in the Minot Daily Friday, March 15, 2019, attacking Minot Legislator Senator Oley Larson: North Dakota citizens are not ready to see personal attacks on our legislators.

You can disagree on philosophy and voting issues, but citing personal issues is out of line. I believe most North Dakota citizens are aware of his extreme liberal/socialistic views and that’s his privilege, however he should stick to issues and not personal attacks. I have I have known and served with Oley for many years and he is a decent and sincere individual, his hairdo not withstanding. America has taken God and the Ten Commandments out of schools and government facilities and the United States Foundation as a Christian Nation is in jeopardy,

As a secondary note, it was refreshing to see State Senator Joan Keckaman upbraid the ND Democratic Party’s news release denouncing the State Treasurer as sloppy and incompentent. That’s setting the right tone.