Save St. Anselm Cahtolic Church

Nicholas Schmatz, Jaxcnta Schmaltz and

Carlotta Scholl


Nick and Arlene Bachmeier


This letter is concerning the future of the St. Anselm Cahtolic Church of Fulda. Please indulge us one more time with your attention.

Our church, by most accounts, may be (is) the oldest and first Catholic Church in the area, dating back to October 1901 when Bishop Shanley blessed the new little church on the present-day site. It became a parish in 1903.

Former parishioners and visitors are impressed with the care and condition of the church and are very grateful that it is still here as a testimony to our Catholic heritage and would like to see it remain standing as it is not only a Catholic church, but a well-known historical landmark in the area.

Although it has been the policy of the church according to canon law to remove all religious articles, such as the stained-glass windows, altars, statues, etc., and then destroy the building, we hope that an exception could be made to permit people to continue to not only maintain the building, but also to preserve the religious articles. In the case of St. Anselm of Fulda, interest has not faded and the building has not become an eyesore.

God willing, we hope to preserve and perhaps a compromise can be reached in allowing it to remain as is, so long as there continues to be a strong commitment for ts preservation in the local area. We ask ourselves, “What would Jesus do?”