Out of patience with Legislature

Maxine Schmidt


I’m a child of the 70’s and I don’t smoke marijuana but I wish my daughter could.

Thanks to a California trip, we now know edible marijuana can relieve her pain. Thanks to the legislature in Bismarck, my daughter can’t use medical marijuana in her home.

How can this be possible? Didn’t we vote to allow these patients the resources to obtain marijuana?

The answer is yes, we did vote to legalize medical marijuana. This vote even included the right to grow a limited number of plants for the use of approved patients. This vote happened on November 8, 2016 to overwhelming success! The YES vote was 216,042 which was 63.79%

Today is April 8, 2019 and my daughter — with her extensive list of physicians — cannot get permission to buy medical marijuana. She can’t grow it. She can’t even buy it. And she certainly can’t use it. Even after reviewing the extensive approval process and a $50 fee. And because she lives in a non-smoking facility, she can’t even smoke it, when her need is greatest, if a doctor handed it to her.

Effective, non-addicting pain relief could be at her finger tips. But our brilliant, caring legislature said, “Fat Chance.” I have lost patience with most of these elected members in Bismarck that completely disregard the needs of my daughter. That completely disregard the voters of North Dakota. For the sake of patients, of all ages, that need relief today, they need to go.

If you are a potential candidate that understands these issues, let me know. I will rally our troops and help you achieve victory. While we don’t have money to spend, we do have an army of energetic and enthusiastic soldiers. Please, put us to work.