More users fees, fewer taxes

Michael Bakk


So the state just passed a law that says they cannot charge higher inspection fees in the extra-territorial area around the city than what they charge within the city limits. This stems from someone in the extra-territorial area being unhappy with the higher rates.

The city’s argument is that the city subsidizes the cost of its planning and building permit fees with property taxes and since those in the extra-territorial area don’t pay City of Minot property taxes they should pay a higher inspection fee. Say what?

Why aren’t the costs for inspection and other city services factored into the costs of the building permit?

Building costs including all necessary city fees should be borne by the landowner, homeowner, developer, etc.

This should be true both in the city limits and out.

This begs the question of how many other city services could be covered by fees charged to the user instead of being subsidized by property taxes. Certainly many cannot be covered in user fees, but some of them can.

The property taxpayers in Minot have been pushed very hard the last few years and they are the ones who should be unhappy about in inspection fees they have been subsidizing. Don’t believe me, just ask any one of them.


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