Why should Kim comply?

Dan Reinhard


While I have strong reservations believing that Kim Jong Un will ever denuclearize his tyrannical regime in North Korea, it was nonetheless a valiant attempt by President Trump to try to negotiate with him toward achieving that herculean objective; of global significance.

But what I find obvious, by the decision of Nancy Pelosi (D) CA and Elijah Cummings (D) MD to conduct the Michael Cohen Congressional Hearing during the meeting between President Trump and Chairman Kim, to be near a criminal act at best, despicable at least. Anyone can be quite certain that Kim was aware and well informed of what was taking place in America while Trump was in Hanoi negotiating with him. Kim understands the divisiveness that has spread like an evil plague throughout America. Why would he want to change his position? He may not believe that, but a day in the future will come, when a revolution within his boarders, will end his reign of despotism. Just a matter of time.

For him to remove his nukes is no different than trying to remove the guns from the hands of lawful American citizens. It isn’t going to happen, quite frankly, for similar reasons. Many millions would die in the process. After the corrupted Venezuelan regime peacefully removed all guns from its citizens, there should have been no surprise when their government later turned its guns on their citizens. To those drawing up designs to destroy the blessings of God given liberty should remember the words of Thomas Jefferson: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Hope we never have to relive that episode here.