They want to build what?

Nancy Bommelman


They want to build a new city hall? Why? What’s wrong with the one we have?

So if the city employees move out of the one down by the police station, what happens to that? We remodel and spend more money. The city employees move into a new building and spend more money.

So if the city employees move to the old Wells Fargo bank downtown, and I don’t know if they are, where are they going to park? In the parking ramps? I doubt it. They will park in the parking lot and not get charged.

We have to start making money on those worthless parking ramps. We should see if the school kids at Central want to park in there for, let’s say, $ 50 a year. I know students who have gotten numerous tickets downtown, because there is no place to park.

I notice a lot of the students park up south of M&H gas station and walk across Burdick. At that time of the day how dangerous is that? On their break from school do they have to go and move their vehicle so they don’t get another ticket?

Give the students a deal and let them park in the ramps, cheaply. At least we have money coming in to help the ramps. Right now, how many people park in there? Six maybe?

Instead of worrying about building more structures, why don’t we try and get more businesses to come here? How come Bismarck succeeds and we don’t? Maybe they can come and give us a lesson?

We need to get businesses here, not just in the mall. How does a person get a Costco here? That would be great! If Bismarck can have a Sam’s Club, why can’t we? All the surrounding towns would come here and shop. We need also to get entertainment here, not just during the fair or the Norsk Hostefest. Bismarck and New Town both have entertainment year round. Why can’t we? Why-Can’t-We?

Another subject I would like to discuss is the buses around town. I’m not talking about school buses. I’m talking the transit buses.

I see maybe one or two of them on a bus at a time. Why can’t we take one of the buses and pick up the students at the parking ramp from central and take them down to the school? I know there are parents that I have talked to say that their children can walk three blocks or so. They do enough walking at the mall or sports events.

Something to think about. Just saying.