Help return a Silver Star

John Czapiewski


I’m looking for a tiny needle in a hundred haystacks, and I need your help. A friend of mine possesses a WWII Silver Star medal and wants to get it to the right place.

He purchased the medal from a seller in a local Facebook for-sale site about 3-4 years ago, after the veteran’s widow, who lived in Minot, passed away (it is thought that the veteran may have been homeless).

After the widow died, the family emptied the house into a dumpster. A neighbor, who recognized military memorabilia being tossed away, recovered the medal. The neighbor tried to return the medal, but the family didn’t want anything back.

If this story sounds familiar, or if you are the hero who rescued the medal from the dumpster, please contact me (I’m in the Minot phone book). Hoping that the veteran belonged to a local Legion or VFW post that would like to display such an honor.

Semper Fi.