February concert a success

J. Erik Anderson

Andy Bertsch

For the 5th year in a row, our community hosted another successful CommunityRocks! concert held February 16th at the Grand Hotel. As has been done every year since its inception, CommunityRocks! partners with a beneficiary to stage an annual classic rock concert. This year’s primary beneficiary was the Magic City Discovery Center.

The Orchestra. We owe a big thank you to the entire 38-member orchestra, most of whom are friends and family from right here in Minot. These talented musicians dedicated their time in practice and rehearsal to perform 3+ hours of classic rock standards that our community will be talking about for a long time. Our Community Rocks!

The Audience. By far the most important group that supports this event is the audience. Without your attendance, this event would not be possible. After all, without an audience, this is simply a 38-member garage band. What good is putting on a show or throwing a party if no one shows up? The fact that we have packed the Grand Hotel five years in a row is not lost on us. Thank you Minot! Indeed, our Community Rocks!

Corporate Sponsors and Auction Donors. Corporate sponsors and auction donors – too numerous to name here – came aboard early in the planning process. Please find us on Facebook and online at www.CommunityRocksND.org to see our postings about all of our sponsors and above all, please support and thank them! We set a record this year with 33 corporate sponsors. An event like this could not be possible without the support of the entire community including corporate sponsors.

We are limited in the total length of a letter allowed yet there are so many more people to thank. Please visit us on Facebook or at our website (www.CommunityRocksND.org) to find the entire letter and all who made this year’s event possible. In closing, thank you to all who supported and attended CommunityRocks! 2019. There is already buzz about Community Rocks! 2020. If you visit us on Facebook or at www.CommunityRocksND.org, you will also find our 2019 survey. We’d love to hear from you – perhaps you could tell us about your favorite classic rock song and how we can make the event better! We hope to see you at Community Rocks! 2020.