Ethics and cookie jars

Gary Hoffer


Initiative measures approved by voters like ethics puts our legislative members into a scene from “Night Of The Living Dead.”

Legislative members holed up in their house while money, gifts,and freebies are waiting outside to find a way to get in. What is that 6 letter word that’s causing so many headaches and sleepless nights.

Let’s review what ethics really means. Moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or in other words conducting business with fairness, fairplay, impartiality, honor, decency, principal and incorruptibility. Looking at ethics opposite and we have corruption, dishonestly, immortality, disgrace, evil,and indecency. Which manner of politics would the Christian society be in favor of? Is it so hard to govern without prize money?

My advice is let’s put on the big boy briefs and big girl panties and deal with it. Citizens want you to do the work for everyone and not just a few with deep pockets. When you look at the years before oil we were doing OK and now a million plus barrels of oil a day we are having a hard time to make ends meet.

Were we blessed with better thinkers in the past? What we now have is the Legacy cookie jar that everyone wants to take a hammer to. Voter approved but nothing for the voter. The legislative members will come up with crazy ideas on how to use it. For one, instead of using some of that money for the Theodore Roosevelt Library let’s build a mall on Leith’s main street.