Democrats need to change their playbook

Craig Argabright


The NFL has seen their television viewing audience decrease dramatically in the past few years. How about putting in a new rule to even things up?

SCENARIO: The offense is within the “Red Zone” or inside the 20-yard line and it is 4th and 9 for a first down at the 18-yard line and the offense is already ahead by 20 points. Rather than kicking a field goal, move the goal posts back another 20 yards from the goal line so rather than kicking a field goal from 28 yards, the kicker would be kicking from 48 yards.

This only seems fair as the offense is already ahead and the game needs to be kept equal. This would then eliminate the need for teams to search out and find the better place kicker. Also, defenses would not have to be as strong in the Red Zone as the goal posts would be moved if they are behind in the score.

So, do you think the preceding scenario is absolute absurdity? In the United States today, this absurdity is alive and well in the political system.

For over two years the Democrats have been running with the narrative that President Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the presidential election from Hillary Clinton. Now that the Mueller report is done at the cost of over 28 million taxpayer dollars, no collusion has been found. The new narrative is now “obstruction of justice.” Rather than the Democrats admitting defeat and going back to the draft, they seem to be moving the goal posts to justify Hillary Clinton losing the election. Never mind the fact that Hillary was not a good candidate and Donald Trump won the presidential election fair and square even though the deck was stacked against him during the election as well as other Democrat candidates during the primary elections.

What candidate was given the moderator questions beforehand in order to prepare? Hillary Clinton.

What candidate was actually favored by the DNC leaders and awarded “Super Delegates” in order to win the DNC nomination for president? Hillary Clinton.

Whose campaign actually financed the dossier that has been proved to be total fabrication now known as the “Steel Dossier?” The Clinton Campaign.

What candidate was actually favored by Strzok and Page of the FBI and Justice Department, which by law are to be neutral and non-political? Hillary Clinton.

Evidence is now well known that these same two people have used taxpayer cell phones that said Donald Trump would not be president as they have other ways to prevent it (paraphrased.) This in itself is treasonous as it amounts to a coup or collusion.

Now the Democrat leadership is once again trying to move the goal posts in order to win elections. The new Democrat platform is eliminating the electoral college or making state electoral college pacts of 270 to bypass the independent votes of each state electoral college, a platform to change the voting age to 16.

Democrats, why not find and support a candidate that actually resonates with the electorate rather than a candidate that believes the election belongs to her, much like a queen coronation?

Maybe the Democrats need to change their playbook of utilizing scare tactics and class warfare from the old tax rich for social justice or scaring the elderly that Republicans will take away their Social Security, that Republicans want to take away your health insurance and 10 million people will die. Or even their latest narrative that capitalism is racist and not good for America.

The Republican establishment has learned a hard lesson themselves. The establishment looked at Donald Trump with distaste and wrote him off. But guess what, who was the candidate that most related to mainstream America and not the Republican establishment? Donald Trump, that is who.

There are some of the establishment Republicans who are still “Never Trumpers,” but they are fast becoming insignificant as Donald Trump first started Making America Great Again by taking the Republican Party back from the establishment and making the Republican Party the “Grand Ole Party” it once was by giving the party back to the electorate.

This philosophy will continue to do great things and if the Democrats want to be significant in the 2020 election, they need to get away from identity politics, celebrity politics, far left-wing politics, quit demonizing Christians as the enemy and admit who our enemies are by actually naming them, rather than coddling them. In other words, run a campaign based on moderate America.

Without such, a platform built on moving goal posts, socialism, allegations of unfounded and unsubstantiated racism and misogynism toward their opponents, as well as claiming all Republicans are Nazis, will go nowhere. America is much smarter and better than that.